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‘Setting up and running an assembly line is a specialty’


‘Knowledge to make a machine function properly, safely and workable’


Think big, act small. ‘This is how many inspiring innovations arise’


‘Good support is essential’

DAMPS Solutions

DAMPS Solutions is an organization born from a passion to produce better and more complete hoof trimming boxes. There is still a lot to improve in the current market in terms of both animal welfare and working comfort.

We do more than just develop and produce hoof trimming boxes. Due to our knowledge and affinity with the various disciplines in livestock farming, such as dealing with and working with animals, livestock keepers, hooftrimmers, veterinarians, farmers, and industry.

Working with the industry (manufacturers) in combination with the various craftsmanship that is housed at Damps, ensures that we have the right empathy and can accelerate to achieve the desired result.

DAMPS Solutions stands for: a listening ear, specialism, thinking along, short lines, and action.




Setting up and running an assembly line is a specialty. We use our process as efficiently as possible to keep the production line running as smoothly as possible. This has to do with many factors and expectations: volume, requested delivery time, the supply of materials and parts, inspections / certificates, general production time, storage, continuity, and price.

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To make a complete product, knowledge is needed in many areas to make a machine function properly, safely, and workable. Also, consider specific guidelines that must be complied with in different countries or continents.

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The most important thing DAMPS Solutions has to offer is: to go through the try-out process with a creative approach, especially innovative and firm. This is the only way to achieve fast success. Our motto: think big, act small. This has resulted in many new and inspiring innovations.

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Good support is essential. Whether it concerns general, technical or commercial service, specific knowledge for certifications, or training employees. Anything is possible in consultation

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DAMPS Solutions is a compact company with many specialisms. Our goal: that we manufacture all prototypes and relatively small runs in house. When the scale of product changes, we change as efficiently as possible to have the best economical result. We work together with parties that are equipped to produce larger numbers with continuity in quality. Assembly takes place in-house, as well as the production of strategic parts, in order to guarantee knowledge and exclusivity.

DAMPS Solutions has the following specialisms in house:


Processing steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastics.


Processing, building, and maintenance of hydraulic units and installations.

electrical engineering

Processing and building electrical components, building switch cabinets, processing low-voltage current as well as 110v / 230v / 400v.


Engineering and building technical solutions. Including piping for, for example, dosing and pump units. In the manufacture of certain installations, is account taken of any addition of chemical additives in the process.

Online connection

Processing and building solutions for remote control or operation of installations.


Livestock farming - Hoof trimming boxes

DAMPS Solutions has developed and produced several prototypes for MS Schippers, and some of these products are already being manufactured by order at DAMPS Solutions.

MS Schippers has been a fixed value for the professional livestock farmer for over 50 years. With the slogan Passion for Farming, the Schippers family makes clear what the company stands for. An important part is the continuous further development of products and services with which the farmer can “farm better”. She also selects her suppliers for this. MS Schippers has 12 sales offices and is active in more than 42 countries worldwide and has an annual turnover of more than € 100 million.

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